Friday, March 5, 2010

Trip to Paris

Me and Sam
Any St. Thomas More people out there who had Ms. Rapp in 6th grade will appreciate this. Notre Dame - probably have seen the cartoon movie about how this place was made 10 times
Cool sunset from a hill overlooking Paris. The Eiffel Tower is a little to the left. Pretty sure im gonna win Mizzou's photo contest with this one so to any competitors out there, just give up

the louvre

From Friday - Tuesday I was in Paris and man was it awesome. I went with Jack Campbell and Sam Morse and we had a blast. I didn't think I was gonna make it at first because the air traffic controllers in France decided to go on strike the day I was supposed to fly out. Real sweet, france. But I found a flight out the next morning and ended up having plenty of time in Paris. We stayed at a hostel about 15 min from the Eiffel Tower called Three Ducks. It was pretty funny going in because a lot of the reviews online said things like "don't stay here" "this place is gross", "not even good for a last resort." it ended up being fine though. the price was right and a good location.

we saw everything i wanted to see - eiffel tower, notre dame, saint chapelle, the louvre, arc de triomphe, the orsay (art museum id never heard of before but it was really cool), latin quarter, napolean's tomb, moulin rouge, montmarte area, etc and had plenty of time to just walk around and hang.

the food was all incredible. i ate a ton of crepes, plenty of bread/cheese, and one night we went out for a nice dinner. i tried the most french thing i could find - escargot appetizer and steak tartar (looked just like hamburger meat but was really good).

the nights were a blast too. my computer is gonna die any minute here so sorry this is short, but i also gotta mention that one of our roommates at the hostel was a french wine salesman-pretty funny that he was the first french guy i met. stereotypes are true,

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