Monday, February 22, 2010

Concha: A Case Study

I would guess most of you have seen an old person before. They look just like you or me, but sometimes tend to have funny quirks about them. Maybe they smelled like mildew, said things that were politically incorrect, etc. Well Concha is said old person, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a little bit about her. I should also mention again that she’s an incredibly nice person so hope this doesn’t sound too negative.

As mentioned before, it’s just Concha and me living together. That means we have tons of together time and a very intimate dining experience. I figured I’d start with that. For lunch, we normally eat around 1:30 or 2 and dinner is around 9. Concha is a fairly old lady, and has a very regimented schedule we follow. Lunchtime = Spanish Wheel of Fortune. Dinnertime = Passapalabras (gameshow), followed by the news, followed by Arayan (soap opera). Variation from this (channel 5) is a no no. The funny part of the night tends to be the commercials. Since we’re watching the same channel every day, we tend to see a lot of the same commercials. Now having said that, Concha always likes to explain to me why the commercials are funny, how you need to pay attention to catch what product is being sold, etc. Even though we’ve seen it 100 times already.

Here’s an example of one. This commercial is of a fat man in the bathroom dressed up as a ballerina. It’s an ad for some sort of throat medicine, and basically the ad is the fat guy dancing around in the bathroom.

And action…

Concha (laughing) “Look, look! Did you see that?”

Me (what I’m thinking): “I’ve been sitting next to you for the past hour. What else would I be looking at?”

Concha (explaining): “Now you see, it’s funny because the man is overweight AND he’s dressed up as a ballerina. It’s funny. Now if you didn’t see it, they are advertising a medicine for the throat”

Me (laughing inside/thinking) “Ooooooo. That humor is just way over my head. Thanks for the explanation haha”

End Scene

What makes it better is that we’ve seen this commercial probably 10 times, but it still gets an explanation. Pretty funny.

In an unrelated note, Concha used to have a cat, but it died last summer. Apparently it tried jumping out of our 5th story window to catch a bird and missed. At least that’s the story Concha told me. Rumor around the apartment has it that the cat got fed up with the tv routine and decided this was the better route.

There's some more funny stories from her I'll write about sometime, so check back soon

Also I hoped to spark some debate in the comment section underneath. Feel free to weigh in. The topic is “Old people eat funny.” Discuss

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